Friday, 5 December 2014


Well folks, welcome to December. That's right, it is freaking DECEMBER. Can I hear a 'Ho Ho Ho'? Oh and while you're here, do take the time to have a perusal through some of my favorite posts of last month, while I sit here with my mind completely blown. I might as well say Happy New Year already. 

What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed with Work - The Private Life of a Girl
Perfect for those of us who lead busy lives (or who just brilliantly suffered through finals - cue horrible skin and dark eye circles).

How to Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Goals (List-Making) - A Beautiful Mess
I used to suck at sticking to To-Do lists but this post has encouraged me to start using lists again to organize my life, because heck, I need it.

20 Time Savers for Easy Mornings - Ember and March
If you're also a time waster like me in the mornings (eg. spending a good 15 minutes scrolling through social media when you should be getting dressed), you should read this.

Perfecting Your Base Makeup - Pink Pot
Does anyone struggle with getting their base makeup to look good? I mean, helloo dry patches and foundations that don't match once you step into the sun! After reading this post, I can't wait to get my foundation looking good again.

Top 10 Beauty Myths - Pretty Squared
I wholeheartedly agree with these. Why do we constantly border ourselves up with rules surrounding makeup?

How To: A Simple Festive Look - More than Adored
Are you stumped for what kind of look to sport this Christmas/New Year's? Sometimes, keeping it simple yet classy could be the way to go, and I love this step-by-step tutorial!

Making the Most Out of a Small Bedroom - A Little Opulent
My bedroom is tiny, and owning an actual vanity is nothing but a distant dream. This post may be helpful for those who think their bedroom is simply too crammed to turn it into their dream bedroom!

10 Fitness Tips: How To Stay Motivated - The Sunday Chapter
The perfect post for those lazy bums like me who get exhausted after climbing a flight of stairs.

Lindt Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake - The Lovecats Inc
I read this post coincidentally after my friend let me try her delicious homemade chocolate cheesecake. This recipe looks absolutely delish and now I have a major craving for cheesecake... *drools*

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes - A Beautiful Mess
If you know me, you'd know I am utterly OBSESSED with mashed potato. It's safe to say that I'll be eating it all day every day after reading up on this slow cooker method.

Hope you enjoyed this month's round-up!


  1. Thankyou for including my blog!! About to read all the other posts now! :) xxx

  2. Ahh thanks for sharing these Sheri! I loved reading the Top 10 beauty myths busted!!! :)

  3. Omg when I saw that Lindt Chocolate cheesecake post on my feed I was already drooling haha! I really want to try it now. Great list by the way :) xx


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