Friday, 10 October 2014

The MLBB Affair

my lips but better lipsticks

You know you have a problem when you justify buying a new lipstick by saying, "well it looks similar to something I already have but it's a little bit different... LET'S BUY IT!"  
I am a huge sucker for 'my lips but better' lipsticks. I know, that phrase is so overused but it really captures the way a good lipstick can even out your lips and make them look naturally perfect. MLBBs can even give you the confidence to do a hair flip and sashay down the street being all like "psh, of course my lips are just naturally this smooth, shiny and sexy." Let me introduce to you some of my most reached for lippies and partners in crime. 

Savvy lipstick in Pretty Pink 
Ingenious name I must say. This one is a warm pink with hints of coral, which sounds just perfect doesn't it? While it is nice and creamy (I don't know why that sounds a tad inappropriate), it doesn't go well with flaky lips at times. Review of the Savvy lipsticks here.

Maybelline Watershine Pure in B24 
Oh how it breaks my heart that this lovely little lipstick is not available in Australia. It just glides on and is such a creamy, peachy-pink. It certainly deserves a proper name. 

MAC lipstick in Creme Cup 
Of course I had to mention my beloved Creme Cup. The Cremesheen finishes really hit me right in the heart. The strange thing about this lipstick is that some days, we're best friends and other times, it just refuses to get along and washes me out. It's the lightest shade of the bunch so if you're on the fair side of the spectrum (join the club!), then this is a great MLBB.

Revlon Colorbust Balm Stain in Honey 
If we were being picky here, Honey is probably one of the 'truest' MLBB I own, due to the hints of beige that just matches my natural lip colour better. The balm stains are one of my absolute faves because even after a hearty meal at McDonalds (basically my life story), the colour remains. Yay! 

Essence lipstick in All About Cupcake 
Oh look another identical pink lipstick! Uh, I swear these are all slightly different... *cough*
I regularly go for this one as it's so affordable and fuels my peachy-pink addiction. Only downside, as with many of the others, is that creamy lipsticks are often not the most long-wearing so I find myself looking dead again after a few hours.

L'oreal ColorRiche Balm in Tender Mauve 
One of the best things about Tender Mauve is that it's sheer. Whaaat? Sounds like a stupid reason I know, but it is so moisturising and offers just that hint of something on your lips. It is a stunner at evening out my lips and adds a healthy sheen. It's super natural and that's what I love about it. 

L to R: Savvy 'Pretty Pink' // Maybelline Watershine Pure 'B24' // MAC 'Creme Cup' //
Revlon 'Honey' // Essence 'All About Cupcake' // L'oreal 'Tender Mauve'

What is your go to MLBB?

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