Friday, 18 July 2014

OOTD: Winter Lace ( Review)

It's been awhile since my last fashion post so I thought I would mix things up a bit on my blog by bringing to you an Outfit of the Day. After all, variety is the spice of life, right?
This was what I wore out the other day on the rare occasion that I wasn't bumming around in my pjs.
Two of the clothing items featured today are both from Chicnova whom I have had experience with in the past, so this will also be a mini review on them as I know many similar asian fashion websites can be a bit sketchy and have mixed reviews.

Lace Blouse: Chicnova*
Navy Star Skirt: Chicnova*
Cream Cardigan: Dotti
Tights/Stockings: Kmart
Shoes: Kmart
Circle Scarf: Yesstyle

My style is usually on the girly side so even though it is blistering cold out, that won't stop me from sporting something lace! I have recently been into dainty, lace cut out tops and was pleasantly surprised by this one from Chicnova. 
It is slightly cropped and more of a boxy fit, but still sits nicely on the body. It also comes with an inner chiffon layer which I am very thankful for so there isn't a need to provide my own. It is a piece that I am in love with and have gotten compliments on. 

To go with it, I chose a navy blue skater skirt and if you know me, you know my obsession with skater skirts. I thought the star embellishments were an interesting twist, setting it apart from the rest of my collection. It is a good quality piece overall, but the only downside is that it is quite short (as with the majority of items from asian websites). But on my dwarf self, it is the perfect length. review

To make the outfit more Winter appropriate, I threw on my favourite cardigan from Dotti which is comfy and oversized which is what I go for on casual days. Since I wear skirts all year round, black tights are a must in Winter to avoid looking like a crazy person. I personally prefer opaque tights to provide some sort of warmth to my legs. For shoes I went for my Converse knock-offs from Kmart because I can't bring myself to fork out the dough for real ones. You will rarely catch me without some kind of circle scarf on and I have been loving this thick black one from Yesstyle. 

Some advice about Chicnova and other asian fashion websites (eg. Romwe, Dresslink...) :
  • Always check the measurements. Sizes tend to run smaller so it would be wise to refer to the information they provide on each item. 
  • Start off with a small order. I recommend just purchasing one item first to see how you like the quality or service.
  • Quality is hit or miss. Items can be super cute on the model, but may not turn out like how it is pictured. Often, items are made of sheerer quality, BUT there are some good quality pieces. You just have to look carefully for them and...
  • Check the material it is made of. I've noticed with asian websites that pieces can turn out to be made of a very sheer fabric that is not the greatest but like I said, it is hit and miss. For example, the two pieces that I featured in this post I am happy with and the quality is pretty standard, like items you would find in-store. 

Shipping usually takes around 2 weeks and Chicnova offers free international shipping.

I initially wanted to take the photos outside to have a more "lookbook" feel but literally as I stepped foot out the door, it started pouring. So I apologize that you have to deal with my awkward posing and boring garage door as a background!

*Provided for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest as always.


  1. Aww this is really cute! Love how you've taken a piece that's pretty summery and made it winter appropriate :)

    1. Thank you! :) I will always wear the opposite season's clothing in the wrong season haha

  2. I love this look. I like the element of layering, it's so wintery :) x

    1. Thanks Candice! I love layering too, only thing i like about Winter xD

  3. I love this outfit! I've only shopped on Romwe once before, but I agree that with clothes shopping online (not just Asian sites) have hit/miss pieces (ASOS too). Checking what the material is made from is also super important, not just for a gauge on quality, but also for cleaning.

    1. Thank you! Yes that's a good point too!


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