Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jumping on the Bandwagon! (Urban Decay Naked 2!)

Today was a very exciting day!

My order from BeautyBay arrived! I was super impressed because my order came in 12 days (including weekends) from the UK which means 8 working days!!

And when you hear BeautyBay... what do you think of?


That's right. I GOT NAKED....2!
I'm so uber late on jumping on the Urban Decay Naked Palette Bandwagon though -.-  Better late than never!

I've been lusting after this palette for the longest time. I was waiting for the price to drop on BeautyBay and when they were having their Black Friday sale (everything 20% off which meant this palette was around $45) I was like "HELL YES!"

They also offer Free Shipping Worldwide! What more could I ask for?
the reflection makes it look like there's a dent in it but there isn't!

I chose this one over it's original because it has cooler, more taupe shades which suit me more :)

I'm so excited to play with this palette!!! And the green foam peanuts that came with my order >:)

If you saw my previous haul post, you would know I received a fake Naked 2 palette to try out so I can actually do a comparison post now :)

Do you own any of the Naked Palettes?


  1. i also have this one and truly madly deeply in love with it >.<

  2. I cannot live without my Naked 2 palette! You definitely made the right choice! :D xx

  3. i am so jelly right now.
    awesome buy dear.



  4. Yay how exciting! I have the Naked 1 and I really do enjoy it :D

  5. Love Beauty Bay! It's great it arrived relatively quick. Enjoy it, it's a beautiful palette :)

  6. great choice, I only have the Naked 1 and I love it!

  7. It arrived so quickly! Some people said it took a month for their BeautyBay orders to arrive! Very tempted now- I've been wanting Alpha H Liquid Gold and the original Naked palette for months! :P Enjoy it!

  8. I bought the Naked 1 off the BeautyBay black friday sale :) I'm loving but like you I also bought the Naked 2 first (I bought 2 months ago from beautybay also).. Beauty Bay is one of my fav websites. Mine took 12 days to arrive too (:
    I just started following you :)

  9. this is one of my fave...

    xoxo Wengie

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