Friday, 21 December 2012

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Scrub

Hey lovelies,

I love trying out new scrubs/exfoliants to see which ones work best for my combination, sensitive skin.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Scrub was one of those that I picked up at Priceline for RRP AU$12.99.

The reason why I picked it up was because it has "lemongrass and fruit extracts" which sounds nice doesn't it?

It has a pleasant, fruity scent that isn't too strong but definitely isn't subtle.

It claims to "gently exfoliates skin", but let me just say, I personally find it quite abrasive because the beads are quite big! The beads are green and yellow (Aussie colours ;D) and there is A LOT of beads which made it feel harsh on my skin.

I then reduced the usage of it to twice a week but my skin still dried out :(

Oh and despite the lovely smell, I think the fragrance in it broke me out because little pimples started emerging and after I stopped using this, they went away!

I've now resorted to using this scrub as a leg exfoliant xD But at least I've used it all up!

I wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin but if your skin can take harsher scrubs, then sure.

RATING:        2.5/5

At the moment, I'm using the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Scrub and so far so good!



  1. I've smelt this before and it does smell lovely! Too bad it's harsh and broke you out :( x

  2. Ooo, i was wondering which one of the morning burst I should try because they look so pretty ;D Thanks for the post, probably not going to pick this one up haha

  3. oo lemongrass and fruit extracts makes it sound delish!
    I remember using a version of this a while back and i got break outs too :(

  4. It's a bummer its too harsh. I just got it recently! :( Thanks for the review hun xx

    1. Maybe it'll work well for you! Let me know how it goes :)

  5. That's too bad the product didn't work for you but at least you could find a way to use it as a body scrub :p

  6. This sounds a bit abrasive, but it sounds yummy smelling!

  7. clean and clear morning burst in pink bottle..i heard the smell of it is very good. i think it will be too harsh on ur face..but lucky u can use on ur body :)

  8. The beads in this exfoliator do look quite big, and shame that it was too harsh on your skin and that it made you break out! I find that most exfoliators with beads are too harsh for my skin and tend to dry me out too :(


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