Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream [Review]

Hi everyone!

I'd like to introduce my current favourite BB cream! Say hello to the...


 I bought mine off a Korean ebay seller here  for about AUD$20, which I thought was a reasonable price. Cheaper than the Lioele Australian website which sells it for around $30!
My package came in a week, with 2 bb cream samples, so I thought that was great service!

This is what the box looks like (chilling next to Mr. Turtle). 

Packaging: I absolutely love Korean cosmetics packaging. They're just so pretty.  
The little symbol on top of the word Lioele is suppose to be Cinderella's carriage. How cute! 

This BB cream even comes with a pump! :O Awesome! 5/5 for Packaging!

Formula: I really like the formula of this BB cream! It has a thick consistency and a semi-matte finish. It's not super dewy but not super matte either.

Shade: Unfortunately like most asian BB creams, it's only available in one shade, which is quite light, but it doesn't have a greyish tinge to it!  It blends really easily into the skin too. I think it'll match the lighter NW and NC shades from MAC the best. I'm around NC20, if you're wondering.

Coverage: THIS is what makes it a winning BB cream for me. I love asian BB creams because they tend to have better coverage than Western BB creams, and I need the coverage :P
This BB Cream has medium to full coverage! :D

The evidence is below:


TADAH! Check out the amazing coverage! 

Scent: It does have a moderately strong floral scent, so be wary if you have sensitive skin. I think it actually did break me out a little bit (little pimples forming) but I love the product so much I'll still use it on and off.

Staying power and oil control: I think it's pretty average in those 2 aspects, nothing too special. It lasts about 6 hours, with a powder.

Overall, I rate this a 4.5/5!

I deducted 0.5 because I'm not too fond of flowery scents, which also broke me out a bit.

Have you tried this BB cream? What are your thoughts?



  1. I really want to try this BB cream i think im going to purchase this soon :)

  2. I've heard so many great things about this BB Cream! But the only thing that puts me off is the colour. I could probably use this as a primer instead, but I think it would be too thick for my liking :( Maybe I could mix it in with another darker foundation?! Great review anyways :) x

    1. I've also mixed it with darker foundations :)
      Thank you!

  3. I have a sample of this I've been meaning to use. I personally love Missha Perfect Cover which comes in at least three shades and 21 is almost a perfect match to my skin. I reviewed it a couple of days on my blog if you want to check it out.

  4. Ahh Korean cosmetics are just so much better than Western cosmetics haha! The packaging is super cute and the BB creams are actually BB creams! :D
    I love the packaging on this one, it's sooo cute!
    Great review lovely!

  5. Ah this makes me so excited! I really wanted to try this for ages, the coverage looks amazing. But if you don't mind, could you elaborate more on how it broke you out? Was it really bad? And how long did it take you to rid of those breakouts?

    1. The breakouts weren't really bad. It was just a line of small bumps along my cheek, but they're going down now, within a few days, with my regular skincare routine.

      I just have really sensitive skin so I don't think too many people would break out from it!

  6. I was just thinking about buying this the other day! I am just worried whether or not it will break me out :(

    1. I think my skin is just overly sensitive to everything -.-
      I don't think too many people have broken out from it, I'm just one of the rare few :)

  7. Oh wow, awesome coverage! This is the kind of bb cream I like! Full coverage and then I can sheer it out when I want to! Looks great, I do need to try something from them this year! Thanks for reviewing, its really helpful!

  8. Looks like excellent coverage though it'd probably be a bit too light for me. Love the turtle ;D

  9. I love Liolele products so much dear! And this looks so great on the skin! :)) I will try to find it online for sure! <3

    I am running an international giveaway on my blog now, I'd love it if you enter! :)


  10. Ooooh, I have still yet to try this! It looks great and I'm glad you like it! And the packaging is adorable as hell.

  11. I have yet to try an Asian BB cream! I'm a bit wary of it because the original Garnier broke me out REALLY badly...but I'm fine with the oily-combination one!

    The coverage on this is remarkable.

  12. Great pictures.
    I like your Blog. We can following each other. what do you think? <3

    I follow you!

    wish you have a nice day & time looking at my blog, it is also about you <3

  13. Wow! That's really good coverage! I've been disappointed with a few BB creams but this one looks decent

  14. I've always wanted this because it has a pump and gets rave reviews. Sadly I'm an NC30 so this might be too light for me :(

  15. It's always great getting a good deal when purchasing products online! Wow the coverage for this BB cream is amazing! Most BB creams I have used have only sheer coverage which is okay for everyday wear but a little more coverage would be better. The finish looks great too- something that isn't too dewy so it doesn't make you look shiny, and nothing too matte that'll accentuate any dry skin :)

  16. Hey Sheri,

    Thanks for the review! I've never tried this bb cream before, but I see it all the time near the japanese market near my house. My all time favorite is the L'egere BB cream. I've been using that for 2 years now. Have you tried that? :)

    P.S.- I followed you in bloglovin dear, I hope you can return the favor ^^

    Dawn @

  17. wow, i didn't expect that it has that coverage! will definitely check this out too! thank you for sharing!

    btw, i hope you can join my giveaway. here's the link:

  18. Oh wow! That has amazing coverage for a BB cream! I can't believe you're lighter than me! I feel so albino and I'm NC20-25...


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